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film and movies

Film and movies

Watch these entertaining but educational movies and film series to learn about identity, privilege and how racism and colonisation impact us today.

This episode of Bad News exposes present day injustices and explores what they tell us about our past. Systemic racism is also looked at in the episodes on health inequality and prisoner rights. 

Hear discussions about He Whakaputanga, the Treaty of Waitangi, and the Suffrage Petition, their history and visions for the future. You will be inspired, challenged and encouraged. 

Ranging 50 years between the earliest title and one of the most recent, Jock Phillips explores changing attitudes to the Treaty. Discover everything from Mike King on the treaty trail, to trench warfare, waka-building and epic drama.

An innovative (inter)national, online and offline, Tiriti-based, anti-racism and decolonisation event in Aotearoa. Fantastic resources and recordings of zoom webinars on various topics. 

A podcast and video series from RNZ, telling the story of New Zealand and its people from its geological origins to modern day. 

RNZ documentary series interviewing Pākehā about how they overcome feelings of guilt to take positive action against racism in Aotearoa. 

A series of articles, podcasts and documentaries that travels Aotearoa meeting young Kiwis as they discuss the impacts of colonisation today, modern race relations and how they are decolonising themselves.

A ten part video and podcast series and civics class for all New Zealanders covering history, law, politics, economics and international relations. The first 3 episode look at Tangata Whenua, settlers and the Settler Government. 


The Single Object tells the surprising and significant stories behind five everyday objects – from the ballpoint pen used to protest the dawn raids to the chainsaw taken up One Tree Hill.

When the British colonised Aotearoa, Māori suffered - and the ramifications continue today. but can you reverse colonisation? watch this new RNZ explainer video to find out.

This collections includes documentaries on the occupation of Bastion Point, halting the 1981 Springbok tour, Ngā Tamatoa, the Polynesian Panthers and the foreshore and seabed controversy. 

Including playlists on tips for inclusive leadership, the link between racism and health, the pursuit of justice and more. 


A series of videos covering battles in the New Zealand wars covering the stories of Ruapekapeka, Waitara and Tainui. Presented by Mihingaarangi Forbes.  

A 7 part educational TV show depicting reenactments of the events leading up to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand's founding document.

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