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Thank you! 
Thanks so much to all the amazing authors, filmmakers, artists, historians, activists, change makers and everyone else who made such powerful content to have on this page. Also many thanks to Catherine, Trif, Lilly, Simon & Katina, Susi and Mum for your help and advice with making this possible.
About the website
The aim for this website is to create a space, and hopefully a community, to share resources and thoughts on what it means to be Pākehā, and what our responsibilities are. I was inspired to make it after a series of events and workshops made it clear to me that I needed to learn more about my own unconscious racism being a Tangata Tiriti, but I wasn't sure where to look to find more resources. Hopefully, this website can be a starting point for anyone else on that journey.  
About me
The content on this website has been collected and organised by me, Helena Mayer (they/them). I'm 16 and a first generation German Pākehā, but I have grown up in Hauraki. Other than making this website, I love reading, baking, going for walks and listening to podcasts. I've also been involved in environmental activism, especially School Strike for Climate.
Get involved
As you can probably tell, I've never made a website or done any kind of design work, so this is pretty basic. If you have any advice or expertise in this area, or in social media, please get in touch! Suggestions for resources would be much appreciated too :)
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